Visitor's Testimonials

Nothing demonstrates the value of an offering like a raw testimonial.

Here are just some testimonials from our clients. You can also see a Live Feed of comments from anonymous visitors below.

Devin Stagg

"MyLivePRO Live Chat is a fantastic operational solution for our website that can be directly tied to an increase in our conversion rate. Their Live Chat Team's continued focus on customer service means our visitors questions and suggestions are reacted to immediately. We are lucky to have found this service and continue to recommend MyLivePRO Managed Live Chat to colleagues."

Devin Stagg ~ Vice President

"MyLivePRO has changed our business! After being in the Mortgage business for over 15 years, we realized that we needed to bring our Web presence to the next level decided to work with MyLivePRO. We were skeptical that it would make much of a difference in our on-line applications; but with a very competitive price and a simple concept of giving potential customers a “live” person on-line to speak with, we decided to give it a try. The immediate response was incredible! Not only did our applications over double but, with the regular reports given to us by MyLivePRO, our staff is able to get key information about the conversations with each customer before our loan officers even speak to them. These advantages are priceless.

It’s a comfort to me not to have to hire trained loan specialists to constantly cover our website. MyLivePRO helped me avoid that by supplying a group of well-trained, knowledgeable and courteous professionals who do exactly what they advertise. It is truly our pleasure to be working with them. It has proven to be a great partnership for us and will continue for years to come"

Nathan Farrar ~ Office Manager, Commonwealth Insurance
Nathan Farrar

Visitor Testimonials

Below is just a small sample of the great feedback that we receive Hourly from our CLIENTS' WEBSITE VISITORS that have interacted with our Live Chat Team - Presented as it was submitted (please pardon any typos :-)...

Last Updated: Thursday, May 25, 2017

"You are providing a fantastic service! You were able to minimize my research time considerably! Thank you!"

"great service...blew me away."

"Very impressed by the service the live chat rep provided to me (Dylan). I was glad that I didn't have to sort through the links (which can become frustrating). The live chat made me feel more likely to join the chamber. Thanks again!"

"That was cool and so helpful."

"Erik was VERY helpful. He did an excellent job. Really knows the area and makes you excited to visit. Can't wait to come down!"

"My first experience with a live chat, it was very helpful. A very powerful tool. Congratulations! Thank you!"

"Thank you so much for the chat! Quinn was excellent- thorough, knowledgeable, and very pleasant! Now I am looking even more forward to doing business with you! Thank you!"

"Nice feature for reps to start chats for those surfing your website. I was concerned about the oil spill and the impact on the vacation. I'm less concerned now and a bit more excited about our upcoming vacation. thanks!"

"Josh was very professional and full of info! Sign him up for a big bonus!!!"

"Maggie was so helpful. I have 4 kids so trying to make a phone call is sometimes very difficult. The Live Chat is awesome. Maggie gave me information regarding the beaches and the oil spill currently in the Gulf and she also informed me of some restaurants that serve brunches. She was very professional and very helpful. I enjoyed using this service and will use it again. Thanks for incorporating such a great feature."

"thank you - great that the Chamber has this service!"

"My first experience with a live chat, it was very helpful. A very powerful tool. Congratulations! Thank you!"

"All your internet professionals are very helpful!"

"Love this experience."

"What a great way to promote your business! I was surprised to see the chat available and immediately got the information I needed."

"Josh, was very helpful in assisting me with the information I was looking for. What a neat service. Way to go Avon!"

"That is so cool and very helpful!"

"My questions were all answered in a professional manner. Thank you!"

"I was pleased to be able to have my questions answered not really knowing which questions to ask as a 1st time person inquiring about joining."

"Very productive, outstanding interaction."

"I was amazed at the chat service, period. Very nice feature."

"I love the chat feature that just popped up on the screen and Reagan offered assistance. Feature was awesome and Reagan was very professional and helpful."

"A fountain of information! Thank you"

"I was happily surprised to have the chat pop up when I was searching the site - it saved me some time. thanks!"

"Kyle was responsive to my inquiry within the guidelines of the Chamber. Good job!"

"Very helpful way to get information fast."

"was a big time saver for me to use the live chat"

"I apprecaite the quick response to my questions & concerns."

"Was very helpful! Keep up the good work. Thanks again"

"Nicole made my life quick and easy!"

"Very helpful for my 1st time. I liked it whan I went to your site and the live chat opened on its own. Brad was very nice."

"Rachel was teriffic with help,, a real asset for your organization"

"proved very helpful and courteous. Jill was very quick to respond"

"I was more interested in the feature than anything else. It was great to participate"

"Was very helpful! Keep up the good work. Thanks again"

"All was very prompt and appreciated by yours-truly."

"Big help love the links!"

"I was very surprised you had an open chat on your site, and it was nice knowing there was somewhere who you could talk to instantly about any questions instead of trying to find them on your page. Very professional and helpful."

"Incredibly helpful!"

"Nice personal touch!"

"Nicole made my life quick and easy!"

"Rachel was teriffic with help, a real asset for your organization"

"So helpful! thank you very much"

"proved very helpful and courteous. Jill was very quick to respond"

"Very quick and willing to help. Great resource!"

"Unexpected, yet nice, service to receive while searching the website. Thank you for streamlining my search."

"I have a warm, friendly feeling from Emily, and I'm sure that's the feeling at your company, too!"

"Easy, convenient and fast."

"what a great idea this is to have. it made everything so much EASIER THANKS again"

"Able to answer questions right away. I'm impressed! Thanks!!!"

"I was pleasently surprised to have someone come on line and talk to me! Nice touch!"

"I was so pleased to get the info I was wanting. Thanks so much Trevor."

"The response was instantaneous and the answers straight to the point."

"Trevor - good at his job - answered my question - pronto."

"Was startled at first with the pop up, lol, but it proved to be very informative! Thanks again for the info, look forward to our vacation!!! =)"

"Emily's personality made this experience wonderful. Thanks!"

"He was very sophisticated and nice."

"Kyle was very kind and helpful! I have used the live chat before and have always great, professional, friendly help."

"Outstanding program and knowledgable operators."

"good attitude and very patient"

"excellent service. aboslutely clear, good responses, lots of info."

"Brad was very helpful and handled my concerns and answered my questions immediately. Thank you for your quick response!"

"Samantha was so helpful and made my decision about comming to visit with her friendly and helpful nature! Thanks, can't wait to visit!"

"julia was very helpful and polite, she did a great job on informing me of what i needed to no."

"Treavor was awesome. He gave excellent information!"

"Great customer service! Extremely helpful. It was a pleasure."

"I love the interactive chat. A wonderful feature."

"Julia was very helpful. I was simply trying to get a listing of local employers for a job search and she provided me the links to the directory and to other useful sites to help with my search."

"Always exactly what I need in the most speedy way! Love it!"

"Very helpful. Beats looking through the entire web site."

"wasn't aware you had the online service. Julia was very helpful and informative, and the response time was quick. thanks"

"Treavor was very helpful. It was nice to get an answer so quickly to my question. Wish everything was this easy. Thanks!!"

"I was happily surprised to have the chat pop up when I was searching the site - it saved me some time. thanks!"

"VERY impressed (which I am not easily as a general rule!)"

"All your internet professionals are very helpful!"

"Emily's personality made this experience wonderful. Thanks!"

"I was very surprised you had an open chat on your site, and it was nice knowing there was somewhere who you could talk to instantly about any questions instead of trying to find them on your page. Very professional and helpful. Im definitely going to consider an internship through UOC when i get around to it!"

"AWESOME service and will use it again. Thanks for incorporating such a great feature."


"Maggie was so helpful. I have 4 kids so trying to make a phone call is sometimes very difficult. The Live Chat is awesome. Maggie gave me information regarding the beaches and the oil spill currently in the Gulf and she also informed me of some restaurants that are going to be serving brunches. She was very professional and very helpful. I enjoyed using this."

"My questions were all answered in a professional manner. Thank you!"

"Very productive, outstanding interaction."

"Very impressed by the service the live chat rep provided to me (Dylan). I was glad that I didn't have to sort through the links (which can become frustrating). The live chat made me feel more likely to join the chamber. Thanks again!"

"I was amazed at the chat service, period. Very nice feature."

"Logan-The Agent is a very professional person. He/She always listen and try to find out some ways to help client with his/her big effort. Tien Dao"

"Nicole made my life quick and easy!"

"Rock on..quick and exactly the info i needed."

"Erin was great! Thank you so much for this feature! It was a fantastic experience!"

"He was very sophisticated and nice."

"Thank you so much for the chat! Quinn was excellent- thorough, knowledgeable, and very pleasant! Now I am looking even more forward to going down to Sanibel-Captiva! Thank you!"

"Nicole was a very helpful young lady; she answered all of my questions in full. She did an awesome job."

"This was extremely helpful and Emily was quick to respond. Thanks"

"This is probably the most friendly, time giving and helpful site. thank you very much, i am very grateful for all that you do."

"This was just the best experience in years, since i used the live chat last time. I got what I needed to know in just couple of minutes without a hold on the phone or delay on an email answer. Please continue to provide this service! Well Done!"

"Alex was both courteous and extremely helpful - a nice front person for the Organization."

"Kevin was very helpful and fun to talk with. You can feel the sunshine through his chat! Thank you so much!"

"Online Chat is a Great Idea! Very helpful...and quick response to questions!"

" Emily was extremely helpful and full of useful information. I was very impressed. I have not had such wonderful information from a chat at any other time."

"This is my first time that I was helped by a live chat. It was very helpfull. Greatings from The Netherlands."

" quick and easy! thanks, Josh!Pleasantly surpirsed regarding the live chat. I LOVED it !!!!!!! "

"It was very helpful.prompt and accurate - what more could one ask for. I would love to have something like this for our website!"

"Kevin was great! I love the live chat feature."

"Josh was so helpful and when I told him it was in celebration of our 50th...he made it feel special!"

"It was a surprise to surf the chamber website and then have a person ask if I needed help or had any questions. It was just like being there. Thank you."

"Totally shocked to get the chat session, but loved it, Haley was quick to respond and very helpful."

"This was easy and I got the info I want very fast.She was able to answer my question and get me an application right away! It was greatly appriciated.Great quick response!!! "

"Answered my question exactly!!Quick and informative."

"Love this idea of providing I.M. for tourism questions."

"Wonderful service which made is easy for this old grandfather to entertain his grandchildren on Sanibel Island tomorrow."

"Josh was very helpful and the chat was time saving. I think it is awesome to be able to have a live chat!!!"

"Online Chat is a Great Idea! Very helpful...and quick response to questions!"

"Really great tool to have online! I love being prepared with things to do and I recieved excellent advice. Thank you!"

"Was very patient and answered all my questions. Very nice to get an anwser on the spot!"

"This was MUCH more helpfull than looking things up by myself."

"found the answer to my question right away - simple & straightforward : )"

"The instant IM when I was viewing the event page was very helpful, nice feature! What wonderful customer service! Thank you!"

"Erik provided exception service. He was both fast and courteous and it was a pleasure to have him assist me."

"Friendly, helpful and most welcoming!"

"Very up-to-date web site that is easy to navigate and very informative. A chat window was opened automatically and Maggie was helpful and kind. Thanks!

"Pleasantly surprised by the chat feature and fast response."

"Complete, concise, and courteous! Thanks so much!"

"Amazingly positive people; answered my questions promptly and professionally. Thank you for your assistance with my search for the perfect venue to host my daughters college graduation party."

"Quick response. Love this feature on website."

"Wow! What a quick and very helpful process! Thanks"

"Great pro-active service!"

"It was a pleasant surprise to get help -- I thought I was just browsing on the website."

"Ashley answered my question, and went above & beyond to give me more info to help me plan my visit! Thanks!"

"Was quite surprised to have a live chat open when I was just planning to look at the site. Was very convenient."

"Thanks for the quick help - very nice to have in a busy day."

"Ashely took a little information and found what we were looking for. She deserves a significant, immediate 20 percent raise!"

"This web site was a tremendous help since I do not have a lot of time to research places to stay for a short visit. The person I worked with, Reagan, was excellent. I really like the chat feature to provide information. My wife is really looking forward to visiting Sanibel again."

"Love the live chat feature. I've not seen this on any other Mortgage sites and definitely adds a nice touch."

"Very impressed w/ Emily and the information she was able to provide. Thank you so much. What a valuable service!"

"i was pleasantly surprised to be engaged via chat. Bethany was very helpful and knew exactly what i needed.... the chat is a great idea! keep up the good work...."

"Very quick response to my question. This was GREAT!"

"this was an unexpected treat to get help with my search. Thank you for the help."

"Brad was a great help in finding a condo near fishing !!!"

"answered all questions, and was very friendly"

"great quick response. I love it"

"what a great service. i wish all tourist areas had this terrific service."


"Ashley was extremely helpful and thorough. Really appreciated the assistance."

"Very pleasant and knowledgeable and very quick with responses!"

"great service, answered my questions immediately..thank you."

"Rachel just popped in there, asked me what I was looking for, then gave me a correct answer before I could search for anything - Great Job Rachel!!"

"Charming, helpful and attentive. I was surprised by the pop up chat, and loved it. Thanks."

"Saw the chat come up and thought I give it a try. What a wonderful thing to have someone come on and help me so fast and easy. And also gave me a place to get a bite to eat while there. Thanks Maggie."

"Rachel was very helpful. Like having a friend to guide us around. It was a pleasant surprise when here name appeared on my screen to offer assistance."

"Wow, didn't expect to get someone talking to me immediately. You guys ROCK!!"

"Wow, how nice. Thats why we love Sanibel, small and personal! Thanks"

"EXCELLENT idea to have the Chat invitation pop-up on entering the site and searching for info. Definitely a Web2 approach to your site."

"My first internet chat was a joy. Maggie, you're a treasure!"

"Dylan was really helpful. First thing I thought when I saw chat was.. "hm, this is cool! I actually don't have to spend 20 minutes reading reading reading and hoping I will find what I'm looking for". I am happy to say that your website is done very nicely and helpful anyways so its really easy to find what one is looking for. But this chat is a whole another level. Dylan was extremely helpful and nice, back with answers for me right away. I would definitely refer this website in future to friends when planning trip. Thank you Dylan again."

"Nice to talk to a real person and get real help. Thank you!"

"It was very helpful to have someone reach out to me once I logged on the website b/c I didn't knwo where to go?"

"I like that someone contacted me immediately with chat box when I was looking at page. Some people may not take advantage of it, however it helped me!"

"Helpful and reduced my time looking for what I needed."

"I am a commercial real estate appraiser in Lexington and was assisted by Lauren this evening. She aided me in finding information on the local economic outlook as well as contact information for local real estate developers and consultants. The chat feature is terrific!"


"Immediate support & great service! Always appreciated :)"

"Thank you very much. The chat was most helpful and I received the information I needed."

"Lauren was able to provide me with a wealth of information which I know will make my vacation so much fun. Thank you."

"Great that you have Chat available, many places you have to wait for someone to respond via e-mail."

"She helped me so would have taken me forever to find the information she provided me. Now I can finish my paper faster :D Thanks for all the help"

"Julie was very helpful, personable, & kind...she reps you all well!"

"Very helpful - I will be back!"

"I was so surprised as I was viewing your website and a screen popped up asking if I needed assistance! It was so nice to be able to have someone help me."

"This is a wonderful service to offer individuals with questions. Emily was helpful in enormous ways and she gave me information quickly and straight to the point. Thank you!"

"Exactly what I needed without having to search for it! The customer service was excellent by Dylan! Made us more excited to head to Sanibel. Thank you!"

"Fast, the best, and most efficient assistance I've had on a web site."

"Live chat is a great addition, it was way more help than aimlessly being lost on the site"

"Nicole was very thorough and helpful today. Thank you for this great service and grand people like Nicole."

"Thanks for the help! Having the Live Chat option makes a world of difference!! Excellent service!!"

"Outstanding interactive chat all information gathered will be put use. Representative was Outstanding and very professional."

"Karen did a great job and turned my request around in a matter of seconds!"

"Brad was quick to respond and gave the exact information I was looking for."

"This is a Great Service. ! Keep up the forward thinking. Thanks, Brad!"

"Good to have someone to bounce thoughts with."

"The live chat is a great service that is always very helpful with finding what I need. Thanks!"

"speedy.. i like it! :) nice personal touch but totally professional."

"I didn't expect to get help. Thanks for finding exactly what I was looking for much faster then I probably would have been able to."

"This is a great feature, very insightful!!"

"Brad helped me decide whether or not i would take the trip to Sanibel Island and now I'm on my way!"

"I was completely surprised when I saw a live chat appear on my screen asking what I needed assistance with, I was just browsing around trying to remember my user name and password and I went to email someone, and Ashley answered my question immediately. That was pretty impressive. Not to mention that I was working after hours. Thank you!"

"Very helpful! I wasn't sure where to start but was quickly pointed in the right direction."

"I appreciate the live chat option on the website because I was able to have my questions answered immediately."

"Ashley was great, and she even double checked her answers before sharing them with me - absolutely helpful!"

"Ashley was great, and she even double checked her answers before sharing them with me - absolutely helpful!"

"Julie answered all of my Q. I lost the chat and then returned, she stayed with me until I returned. She was thorough, clear and direct communicating with me in a chat room. I'm looking forward to hearing from your rep."


"I love this feature of immediate assistance. great job"

"I love this service. I think it is very helpful, and makes the Chamber much more user friendly. "

"The live chat is a great tool. I was able to receive the information I was looking for immediately."

"A great service you provide. saved me time. thank you again"

"What a wonderful service for those who aren't familiar with your area! Great suggestions!"

"It was super to chat with Julie, she had a lot of wonderful suggestions. I was not expecting someone to help me."

"I appreciate the guidances via instant messages. A great tool. Thank you"

"Your live chat service is awesome!"

"A really nice feature. Haley was very helpful. Thank you!"

"Rachel had a quick response time, and she was very knowledgeable about the island."

"Instant help. and great answers, Thanks."

"could you tell me where you got the technology to offer this service...most impressive"

"Erik was super helpful"

"wonderful way to correspond!"

"Unexpected wonderful service, I love it! I can ask questions while on the phone with someone else... thank you! "


"This is the first time I had an interactive experience like this - very nice."

"Extremely polite and she did everything she could. thank you."

"Great start to my vacation search... exactly what I needed. Thank you Ashley!"

"Terrific + Efficient Service."

"Sarah was very good she made me feel very comfortable. she was outstanding!"

"Chatting made me more interested in your programs!! Fantastic!!"

"Great timely and professional service. Thanks !!"

"Maggie was very helpful. I was pleased with the offer to follow up with me."

"I was looking on the website for statistic information that was not available on the site. Sherry assisted me with a quick search for the information and let me know that she didn't find anything either but was very helpful in suggestions on where to look as well as asking if she could help with anything else. In my opinion she did a great job."

"This is a wonderful area. Indianapolis CVB should look at the example that you set. Sherry was wonderful."

"Wow, what a cool service! I wasn't expecting a live chat, Julie was helpful and was nice to have someone to help without having to go look for it"

"Very helpful. Thanks Bethany."

"Love Chat! Very prompt!"

"so impressed with the chat offering. Great!"

"What a surprising exhibition of service - thank you!"

"Julie was very helpful, extremely efficient - a tremendous help!"

"Great help! I have some good info to follow up on. Thanks "

"this was SO HELPFUL!!!"

"Dylan was wonderful! What a great offering to have the ability to chat so quickly and find just what I was looking for! thanks!"

"It was so nice to have someone chime in and help me search.."

"My question was answered even before I could ask. Fantastic!"

"Only had a few minutes on the site, but this was really cool to be able to interact with someone about the area you are looking at."

"What a pleasant surprise to get a live chat when I went to the Chamber of Commerce web site. Alex went out of his way to try to get the information I needed and was most helpful."

"I have never encountered a live chat before when browsing a site. I think that the system is very helpful with trying to find exactly what you're looking for and for navigational purposes. Thank you to Michelle!"

"I couldn't believe the quick response."

"It is always nice to have someone take the time to answer your questions and give you ideas of what is available."

"I really like the online service chat! it helped me out a lot."

"An answer in seconds! Nice!"

"Couldn't of been any faster!"

"Very efficient and immediately helpful! Thanks!"

"Fast answer to my question -- much easier than searching the site. Thanks!"

"I was surprised to find a chat feature available and loved the immediate feedback to help me tackle some basic questions. Thanks so much!"

"It was exactly what I needed. My rep (Nicole) was quick, thorough and pleasant. Great service from a great representative."

"This was a great way to get additional insight into the area! Thanks again for your help"

"Was very helpful for someone who has never been to the area!"

"was very surprised to see this...a very pleasant surprise!"

"Alex was the best! Very kind and knew what i was talking about ...."

"This is a great service for international students like me who needed quick answers."

"great service. found exactly what i needed and more. thanks again and I cant wait to visit."

"Erik was Great and I love the live chat. its so nice and professional. He wasn't like a brick wall, he was nice and cared about what i was saying."

"Great service. It's like being at the Visitor Center. Thank you!"

"very easy to communicate with and quick response to me! thanks Sarah"

"wonderful service! I'll tell others about this...."

"That was very helpful! Great addition to the website!"

"OUTSTANDING! What a great idea. Received answers to all my questions. Eric was awesome! See you in March 2010"

"Excellent!! what a nice surprise that Ashley 'saw' me online and asked if i needed help and started the chat. Great service and unexpected nice surprise to be contacted! thank you!!"

"Erik was a very enthusiastic chatter! He clearly likes his work."

"Thanks for having a representative available immediately as I explored your website. It was very helpful."

"Ashley was extremely helpful and went above and beyond to assist me with my questions. I really appreciate her help and look forward to visiting Sanibel!"

"Didn't know this service existed - very helpful!!!"

"Nicole was excellent. Very helpful to have a live person."

"Terrific service, thank you"

"I was very impressed. Made my travel plans easier to make and we can't wait to visit the area."

"It was such a nice surprise the way you just came on during my surf. It saved me a couple of minutes as I was getting ready to find a -contact us- link."

"It is really great this idea of having a chat! Perfect...I Wish other web sites had this service."

"I love the fact that someone is there to help you there and then!"

"I was really surprised when the chat popped up, but it was VERY helpful to me!"

"I LOVED the professionalism and prestige!"

"Very nice, did not feel like i was getting sold anything- thank you."

"I Had Great Help . It Was Surprising To Communicate With Some One On The Spot"

"Kyle was great. You should make him as the offical chatter or give him a raise!"

"Emily ....was very quick and friendly and my first time to chat on computer. Thank-you for your time. - Shaun"

"What an awesome service and Nicole was fantastic."

"Splendid fast accurate support- wonderful"

"Alex was great and very helpful! What a service to able to provide, thank you."

"Fast, courteous and to the point, what more could you ask for?"

"Very cool service to offer."

"What a great assistance to have someone to answer questions and help you find things you are interested in. Thanks."

"Excellent service, and very fast!"

"what a nice surprise to have personalized assistance."

"Welcome surprise to see pop-up. Live chat is a great service. Love it!"

"Your Chamber is so helpful & courteous."

"The chat feature very very cool. Answered my question very quickly."

"Excellent service! Great way to cultivate prospects. Thanks!"

"first time using your site and I am 100% satisfied!! great job"

"Eric responded quickly to my question and provided exactly what I needed. Glad to see that you have chat."

"Dylan was extremely patient and helpful, he's a wonderful member of your staff."

"Erin was very helpful and she went above and beyond helping me. Thank You!"

"It was a nice surprise to get help (without asking) when I started searching around the site!"

"Thanks for adding some sunshine warm to my day! You were awesome and responded so quick. This is a great service!!"

"I was totally surprised and impressed that you had chat!"

"Great feature! Looking into getting this service for our Company's website!"

"Kyle and the service provided are STRONG indicators of the commitment that your Company has to your Customers. My compliments!"

"Wow! I wish every site had this sort of terrific service. I found exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much."

"Very responsive, quick to the point, and exactly what I needed. Thanks"

"Could not have been better! Thank you."

"Loved her ..Nicole was great...need more customer skills agent like her...super great "

"the chat feature is great! Makes us proud of our membership"

"I was very pleased and pleasantly surprised with the chat option. Fantastic idea and it solved my problems with just a few typed sentences."

"wow, this was great, exceeded expectations immensely!!"

"Maggie was very informative with little to no wait for answers to my questions. Very appreciated and look forward to using this Live Chat again for any future inquiries."

"Really, I was surprised by this chat box and surprised by how fast the response was!"

"The service was great! I was not ready or looking for a live chat and there it was very helpful and a pleasant surprise. Great service."

"Excellent service and a great asset. Immediate online chat is a service not being provided by other chamber offices."

"Great experience...loved it. Thanks Maggie for your quick response."

"Maggie was VERY helpful and this website is a great service. Thank You"

"Great tool! Very quick and responsive."

"What a fantastic system. I was getting a bit lost on the website & not able to find what I was looking for. The chat pop up came on my screen & Ashley was extremely helpful & polite... This has saved me quite a long time sifting through the web. THANK YOU"

"Wow--what a nice surprise to have live chat pop up for questions! Plus, Kyle answered quickly and found the answer I was looking for--thank you!"

"Emily was a great help to me....I'm sure our stay will be much enjoyed with the info she provided to me. Thanks again !!"

"I love this! It is very nice to ask a question & receive immediate feedback in a positive, professional manner. What a model for others!"

"Great service offered to visitors! This is the best Chamber to join! Keep setting the standard high!"

"Julie was extremely helpful! I didn't know there was a chat feature! What a great idea! Thanks"

"your website is great. And this chat is a terrific idea. I don't need a response, just thought you should get a positive word."

"This is a very good way to get information quickly and accurately. Keep up the great work"

"Brad, was swift courteous and able to give me a few leads that pointed me in the right direction."

"THANK YOU. This is a great way to get info ... wish more people did it!"

"First time I have used this kind of communications. Totally cool. I like instant interaction. Answers on the spot. It is a keeper."

"I am so impressed with this feature.. i am going to recommend it to my local Chamber of Commerce"

"wow, this was great, exceeded expectations immensely!!"

"I liked talking to Nicole,she was honest and sounded more like you were talking to a actual human instead of some pre-recorded machine. Thanks,good day."

"Nicole gave me answers to questions I didn't even know I had! great experience! thank you"

"Wow, how cool is this! Customer service extraordinaire!!"

"Very willing to research and try to find an event for me. Thank you Alex. This is a great tool for the Chamber to have."

"Excellent chat system to answer my questions without calling in person. Plus the msg box automatically popped up to assist me instead of me searching for help. EXCELLENT! The representative was very informative and he responded promptly to my questions. He was professional. Thanks"

"Fantastic that SanCap has live help! I never would have imagined! Thanks."

"Kyle's work is the reason I just decided that this was the place for me to visit. He even located the local bike club for me. Thanks for the great work!"

"Very surprised that you have this service. Thank you very much."

"I wish the VA and other government agencies would be run with same professionalism and courtesy. What a refreshing experience, being able to obtain information and he was polite, accurate, and quick. GOLD STAR for Erik!!!! signed disabled desert storm Iraqi freedom veteran"

"This chat session was unexpected and very helpful. I greatly appreciated the individual attention and reference."

"great service and i was surprised to get a real person! great job"

"Nice feature - beats waiting for an e-mail"

"I love that you do this. It makes it so much easier to get questions answered. I wish all web sites did this! Thanks"

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