Top Benefits of Adding Live Chat

Now, you can enjoy the Top Benefits of Live Chat without the liabilities of doing yourself.

  • More Online Conversions = More Revenue! - Nothing on your website can compel Visitors to Act more than Live human interaction.
  • Great online customer service is "Viral" - Our Agents will reach out to build a trusting relationship with your visitors, prospects and existing Customers/Clients to keep them spreading the word and coming back.
  • Top That, Web Stats! ;-) - We have the industry's best reports which let you quickly measure the effectiveness of your online Web Marketing Strategy (and how to adjust it). Aside from delivering weekly / monthly Online Conversions and Search Engine Optimization Reports, we also show you what your online visitors want, their satisfaction levels, and a breakdown of who they are where they come from and how they want to interact with your organization.
  • Dirt-Cheap Sales Leads and Promotions - Our Professional Live Chat Team creates EXCEPTIONAL Targeted Promotions Opportunities (online specials, cross-selling, events, collateral promotions, etc.) while supporting the Legenday Customer Service.
  • Stops you from Over-Investing in your Website - Managed Live Chat is the Ultimate Sales, Marketing and Customer Service Tool for your organization.
  • Stop losing Visitors - you worked hard to get them, we keep them from going away.
  • Exceed New Expectations - Your web audience wants for Instant Communications. Managed Live Chat is a high-speed alternative communication channel, compared to telephone and email.
  • Get to know your Market! - Our service provides real-time consumer behavior insights to identify intentions and create new strategies for adapting and influencing those behaviors.
  • Superior Service - Enables “consultative interactions” for your website's visitors to enhance their overall experience.
  • Free Recurring Consultations - We are the best at what we do and work with many industries. A partnership with us can Save your Organization Time and Money, and even Promote Revenue Generation!


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"...Only 14% of People TRUST ADVERTISEMENTS, but 78% TRUST the Recommendations of other PEOPLE?