Top 10 Reasons to Try MyLivePRO

Here are the Top 10 Reasons to Try MyLivePRO :

  1. Set it and Forget it!

    With Full Managed Live Chat Implementation, there is nothing for you to setup or use. We do all the work, you take all the credit!
    We even manage ourselves on an ongoing basis, keeping ourselves up to date every day with your Company's promotions and web content changes.

    We seamlessly integrate into your existing website with a custom designed, non-branded Live Chat button and Live Chat windows that complement your website perfectly! Once your Live Button is placed on your websites, your live. From that point on, we maintain your account and your website visitors can enjoy consultative interactions with your new Professional Live Chat Support Team!
  2. Customers Have Changed!

    No one can argue that consumer demographics have changed significantly over time. Today's new business owners are online consumers that are used to having instant gratification. This new breed of prospects are somewhat impatient and demanding, expecting answers that are as quick as their Internet connection or as convenient as a text message. Today's prospects require immediate online attention rather than telephone support. The MyLivePRO Managed Live Chat Team leverages your existing Website and our proprietary resources to convert your incidental online visitors into increased sales and profits.
  3. Low Risk / Low Cost!

    Our clients recognize that if we assist them with selling just a few additional sales a year, they've just added a full service team of professionals to their website for FREE! Signing up with MyLivePRO is easy and low risk. MyLivePRO operates a rolling, cancel anytime contract. If your not happy with our services, simply turn us off and we stop future billing.

    MyLivePRO = Low Risk Hiring! No need for recruiting and hiring a Live Chat professional, paying those fees, taxes, salaries associated with having your own employee and hoping it works. Your US-Based Professional Live Chat Team is just a click away.

  4. Amazing Measurable Results

    As a client, you will receive comprehensive weekly reports on site traffic as well as dynamic sales and service leads as they occur! In addition, our clients can help keep our team updated with your organization's latest info through your online account portal.

    MyLivePRO offers visitor tracking and proactive promotions, and legendary online service for all your products and/or services.

  5. Top-Rated USA Team Members

    MyLivePRO instantly provides live professional, friendly, and personalized support to site visitors. MyLivePRO leverages technology with expertise. Our US-based Live Chat Professionals have over 80+ combined years of online professional business experience.
  6. Low cost Sales Lead Generation!

    We engage site visitors in a live personalized chat, explain to them the benefits of your services or products thus, reducing the cost of acquiring info for qualified leads to expand your database of potential customers.
  7. Offer Extended Hours to your Visitors!

    MyLivePRO can offer your Customers and Visitors extended hours of operations. When your office staff has gone home for the day, our agents can be there to answer questions, promote sales, and generate leads!
  8. Instant Credibility!

    Live Chat services are no longer the novelty they once were; It's matured into a serious sales and service tool. These days, if you're not using Live Chat on your website, you are missing out on valuable sales and service opportunities.

    Offering expert Live Chat service on your website shows your customers that your organization is truly dedicated to servicing your business community and are keeping up with the times. Our personalized service adds significant value and credibility to your offerings.

  9. MyLivePRO Leverages Technology with Expertise

    Our US-based Live Chat Professionals have years of real-world online business experience.
  10. Save Precious Staff Time!

    You can maximize your staff’s time for other duties. MyLivePRO minimizes your office staff's phone time, as we can instantly answer prospect's questions while extracting lead data. At the end, we send the leads and unaddressed service questions to your team.


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