Compare MyLivePRO to Hiring

Here, we compare the costs of hiring one full-time entry-level Sales/Service Rep vs. the costs of employing a full MyLivePRO team with our top solution, LiveELITE.

Aside from the obvious cost savings, there are side benefits as well, such as not having to deal with more sick days or vacation leave, or additional long-term employment commitments, tardiness issues, staff turn-over, training obligations etc.

Our MyLivePRO team's standard hours of operations cover 12 hours a work day. If you could find a Sales/Service Professional who is willing to commit to operating a Live Chat service on your website 12 hours a day, this is what your costs might look like:

Compare MyLivePRO to Hiring
* Employee costs extracted from the US Department of Labor Statistics - 2008


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