Why Not Provide Live Chat Support Ourselves?

Here's Why...

Live Chat is a Science in Itself...

Introducing live support to any website creates significant additional responsibilities to your staff., the biggest mistake that business make is thinking that their staff that answers the phones can also handle Live Chat. For many, this leads to diminished or failed results. Some reasons are:

  • Technology Barriers - Many versions of live-chat software on the market have been around since the beginning. Most rely on standard pop-up windows to interact with visitors who often get defeated by Internet browser pop-up blockers.

  • Adding Live Chat Requires Planning and Careful implementation - Creating value through live-chat technology requires strategic planning and skilled implementation.

  • Doing it Right requires an Investment in Staff - Live chat requires spontaneous availability and a high level of site-wide knowledge; therefore, you may have to hire a skilled support person to sit in front of a PC during business hours to handle live-chat sessions.

Many organizations find that adding live chat to their website creates the need to hire at least one additional qualified full-timer to meet the demand of response.

Getting the most out of a Live Chat Investment is a formidable task, which our Professional Live Chat Agents accomplish proficiently.

They engage your Website's visitors in a live friendly and personalized chat, assist them in finding what they came to look for and provide them with valuable online resources.

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