What's a "Website Conversion Rate" and How Does it Impact Our Bottom Line?

Like many businesses, you may find yourself striving to generate more dues revenue from your website by investing a significant portion of your marketing budget on advertising.

Marketing or advertising your site will drive traffic - but then what? Your efforts to drive people to your website are far too expensive to let visitors just slip away without converting to a lead or a sale. That's where the conversion rate comes into play.

The conversion rate of your website is the percentage of website visitors that take a desirable action while visiting, such as signing up for your e-mail newsletter or filling out an online form. The higher your conversion rate is, the bigger the return on your website and marketing investment.

Faced with the slow economy and tighter purse strings, investing in the conversion rate of your website is a smart strategy to boost your bottom line without spending more on advertising.


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"...Only 14% of People TRUST ADVERTISEMENTS, but 78% TRUST the Recommendations of other PEOPLE?