What Happens During a Typical MyLivePRO Implementation?

  1. Sign Up Now, or contact us for a FREE initial consultation where we help you discover which MyLivePRO solution best fits your needs. After you sign up, a MyLivePRO implementation specialist will work with you to learn everything there is to know about your particular organization's goals and specific market objectives. From there, we will help you determine what pages will feature your new Live Chat button and your conversion target(s)
  2. Your New Live Chat Agents assigned to your account will be intimately briefed on your account-specific information.
  3. We will build an online account for you where you can administer your account
  4. Our production team will develop Customizable Chat Buttons Windows to match your Website's branding and then generate code for your website.
  5. MyLivePRO Implementation specialist will work with your team to insert our fast-loading code snippets on your targeted Web pages.

That's it. You've just added a Full Team of US- based Professional Live Chat Agents to your team.

Contact us now so that we can start making every one of your Online Visitors Count!


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Did You Know...

"...Our MyLivePRO Live Chat Team converts site visitors to purchasers 15% to 20% of the time, nearly TRIPLE the rate of e-mail marketing campaigns?