What are MyLivePRO's Main Features?

  • For Your Organization

    • Customized Client portal to manage your organization's account
    • Customized Chat Buttons (including one for email signatures if using LiveELITE) and chat window
    • Customized Intelli-sponse library configured with information that you provide
    • Website Visitor Monitoring in Real-Time
    • Lead Generation Routing to your On-site Membership Representatives
    • Post-Chat Surevey to ensure visitor / prospect satisfaction
    • Transcript Emails of all productive chat interactions
    • Robust Reports
    • Service Level Analysis (SLA Reports)
    • Lead Conversion Tracking (optional)

  • For your Online Visitors / Prospects

    • Professional, friendly, and personalized service from our Live Chat Membership Sales and Directory Virtual Assistants
    • Proactive Chat Invitations driven by our unique Intelligent Rules Engine
    • Push Capability allowing us to direct online prospects to certain pages to find the information they are looking for
    • Post Chat Satisfaction Survey
    • Options to Email Chat Transcripts to your visitors / prospects


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Did You Know...

"...Email is officially the WORST communications channel for customer service, according to research from eService provider Transversal?