How Do You Know What to Say? Our Services / Products are Unique.

To start, our Live Chat team is comprised of USA-based Business Professionals. We have over 50 collective years serving the needs of small/medium sized businesses and their audiences.

We initially prep our team every time a new client comes on board with all of the pertinent facts about your offerings and your Company's goals. We then have ongoing weekly account reviews to see what has changed and explore what we can do better going forward.

Our team will be in regular contact with yours, serving as an extension to your existing service team. In the cases where we receive questions outside of that particular agents general scope of understanding, we will let that site visitor know that we have their information and will have someone follow up with them asap.

On your go-live date, we will be well prepared to take on general questions, especially about anything that is contained on your website. From there, we take on a stance of continuous service improvement with your account. This occurs as you receive our Chat transcripts and provide us with ongoing feedback and visa-versa. Because of this continuous improvement cycle, you will see our effectiveness increase even more, enabling us to add more and more value over time.

Generally your dedicated chat team will be well acclimated with your company and it's offerings within 30 days of your go live date.


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Did You Know...

"...Our MyLivePRO Live Chat Team converts site visitors to purchasers 15% to 20% of the time, nearly TRIPLE the rate of e-mail marketing campaigns?