Do you offer 24 hour coverage

We customarily offer live chat services from 7am - 7pm your local time.

We do not have 24 hour chat coverage however, we do offer 24 hour / 7 days a week off-chat or extended hours messaging.

When a visitor visits your site outside of those times, they are offered a form to leave a message, ask a question, and get follow-up. Those messages are instantly forwarded to your team for your direct follow-up.

We have found this works exceptionally well for our clients!

What we have found from our experience in the chat industry for many years now, that the quality of chats that our clients receive during after hours are poor. The clients rarely get leads from these after hour interactions.

Although we do not offer 24 hour service, we do offer extended hours for some of our clients. We could get you a quote if you'd like?

The fees for extra hours or extended hours varies and is usually not cost effective for our clients.


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Did You Know...

"...Email is officially the WORST communications channel for customer service, according to research from eService provider Transversal?